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About Us


Company Profile

FUJIAN LAURIDA IMPORT&EXPORT TRADE CO.,首存100送58一倍流水. Is a comprehensive trade company that manages all kinds of goods import and export. The main distribution of all kinds of male, female, children's shoes, casual shoes, more than 95% of products exported to various countries and regions of the world.
Company for many years with many manufacturers to establish good and stable relations of cooperation, formed a research and development, production, marketing and other management system, to adhere to the "integrity management, customer first business philosophy, and with a good corporate image and sincere service, establish a good business reputation, has won the good reputation from customers both at home and abroad. Full of business opportunities in 2015, the company will expand the network marketing business, enter the domestic market, welcomed the new and old customers to join.
The company has always attached great importance to the cultivation of the talent, to encourage creative thinking and independent thinking. Expand the company's business in order and coordinate production and so on each link to give employees make full participation and decision space. Companies encourage employees to face the challenge actively innovation. Hand in hand to create brilliant.

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